It is late morning on Sunday.  A few hours ago, our Weekly photos went up on Facebook.

We always hope that you love them.  We hope that we captured your dog’s personality the way that we all see them – funny, unique, incredibly lovable.  And then it starts to happen…and Julie and I have the warmest of hearts… you guys “Like” and “Heart” and comment on not only your own dog’s picture but the other pooches too!

We always knew we wanted to create an environment that was warm, loads of fun every single day and full of compassion.  A true home away from home.  We would create a team that miss your dogs when they’re not at work and talk about them and show pictures of them when they are away.  We just never knew how truly wonderful and fulfilling it would actually be.

Fred and Charlie making sure they’re not missing out on treats!


And that feeling, the one that makes you smile from the inside out, the one that comes so naturally when you look at a pic and see 7 people that aren’t the paw-rent “Like” the photo because they love your dog too… well, that just feels pretty darn special.  We see it in reception too, asking if your dog’s bestie was in today, laughing at the silly antics they got up to, the hoping that other dogs will come out too when you pick yours up.  We love that you love it and we cannot thank you enough! Cheesy as it may sound, but seeing you all happy makes us happy!  And we are always looking for ways to improve so go on and give us ideas!

We won’t use the words staff or clients here, this is truly one big extended family and we will always love your dog like he or she is our own.  Thank you for trusting us with your kiddos, thank you for being part of this one big happy family!