Let me put this out there first – this is NOT a blog/lecture on dog obesity.  Some of us get enough guilt when we visit the vet and they tell us it is time to cut back on the extra treats.  What’s a little Winter weight after all?  But the truth is canine obesity is on the rise and can have some serious side effects including shortening your dog’s life!  I don’t know about you, but I want to figure out a way to make our Charlie and Bailey live forever.

There’s a lot of factors that play a role in your dog’s weight – everything from food choices to lack of ability to exercise or even being neutered or spayed.  Not only can obesity shorten your pooches life but it can also lead to bone and joint issues, along with digestive organ complications and breathing issues too.  Not a pretty picture for our four-legged loved one!

But this is where creche-life comes in!  Not only does your dog get socialisation and fun and games here at Needham Canine Creche but they also get loads of exercise – dependent on their age, health and need of course.  We even invested in a FitBark 2 (think Fitbit for humans, this one is just for your dog though) and have loved seeing the range that the dogs do in a day at creche.

We provide an environment here that is safe and welcoming for all dogs including those senior dogs that want to do a little activity including mental stimulation via brain games but also want to socialise with other likeminded doggos.  And then we also have the other side of the coin, that allows younger, more energetic dogs to let loose and burn off some of that extra energy.  Thank goodness for 8,000 square feet and multiple Playrooms.  So how much can an active dog do in a general day at creche?

Here are a few pictures that show a range of 13k to almost 29k done in a given day!  Jack Black is our extremely active black Labrador whose father runs with him, so his endurance has been built up already.  Jack even rested in the afternoon by doing brain games and having quiet time and still managed to pull off nearly 18 miles in a day of creche.  Well done sir!

But this is it, your dog has the flexibility and the guidance here at Needham Canine Creche to achieve what they need – are they a little overweight and need to be more active?  No problem we can ease them into it.  Are they already a runner and need a place to safely burn that energy.  No problem we’ve got you covered.  That’s why we’ve created a place where your dog can be a dog.  Free cuddles and kisses included too!