Who doesn’t love CAKE?!  One of our favourite day’s here at Needham Canine Creche is when we’re able to celebrate one of your lovely pooch’s birthday whilst they are attending creche.  It all begins with Julie’s special homemade liver, beef and vegetable cake.  And yes, our house will smell for a good 48 hours after she makes it, but seeing the reaction and enjoyment from your doggos makes it all worth it!

We have a saying behind the scenes here at Needham, “We want every day to be like a day at Alton Towers for your dogs.”  So, while an average day of creche is jammed packed with games, scent work, toys galore and more, we pay extra attention to birthdays.  Out come the piñatas, hats, glasses, more games and scent work and CAKE!!  Trying to capture a memorable picture for our lovely pet parents can be challenging and a full days work as once they get a sniff of the cake it can be a game just keeping it completely out of reach of your dogs.  But their patience is rewarding when they get their individual piece of cake to enjoy.

Our birthdays have proven to be so popular that we have tested and will now be offering the creche for doggy birthday parties for humans to attend as well.  There will be different levels of parties to choose from so please contact us directly if you would like to participate in a birthday party for your pooch!  Let us help give back to your incredible dogs!

              Getting all the right ratios perfect for your pooch!